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We study evolution of organisms at the genomic levels through computer analyses and genome sequencing. We are particularly interested in primate and human evolution. Themes of our study are quite diverse as follows.
# Analysis of genome evolution: We study lineage-specific highly conserved DNAs at different levels of organism groups, such as vertebrates, mammals, primates, and whole eukaryotes.
# DNA analysis of human populations: We study genetic affinities of modern humans with special reference to those in Asia. We are also involved in various ancient genome analyses of human remains.
# Development of nucleotide sequence analysis methods: We developed new system MISHIMA which can multiply align many bacrterial genome-size sequences.
# Other themes: blood group gene evolution, duplicated gene evolution, and analysis of introgression between closely related primate species.

Saitou Naruya (2013) Introduction to Evolutionary Genomics. Springer.

February 17th, 2018

Exactly 50 years ago, today in 1968, Dr. Motoo Kimura, then Head (later Professor) at Division of Population Genetics, National Institute of Genetics, published one paper titled "Evolutionary rate at the molecular level" in Nature, vol. 217, pp. 624-626. In this paper, he proposed "the Neutral Theory" that is now the core of the modern evolutionary theory.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Neutral Theory proposal, SMBE2018 was held in Yokohama, Japan.

What's new

1 December 2020

Asia Genome Tao Center (AGTC) was inaugurated as Saitou Naruya as Center Director. Two databases, GenomeSync maintained by Dr. Kirill Kryukov and dbSNS maintained by Dr. INOUE Jun, are linked from this AGTC page. We hope to devote to Genome Tao.

17 October 2020

Google Scholar citation number of Saitou and Nei (1987) that proposed the neighbor-joining method exceeded 60,000.

4 September 2020

Prof. Saitou Naruya published one article in new category "Introduction of published book" of iDarwin titled "Darwin: An Introduction – Prospects for Modern Evolutionary Studies –". Book about Darwin published by Prof. Saitou in 2011 in Japanese was introduced.

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24 August 2020

Dr. Isaac Babarinde, who received Ph.D. from Saitou Laboratory, and Prof. Saitou Naruya published one paper in Genome Biology and Evolution:
The Dynamics, Causes, and Impacts of Mammalian Evolutionary Rates Revealed by the Analyses of Capybara Draft Genome Sequences

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29 July 2020

When this laboratory was established in National Institute of Genetics in 1964, laboratory head (Director, Division of Population Genetics) was Dr. KIMURA Motoo (1924-1994), who proposed the neutral theory of evolution in 1968. He published Iwanami Shinsho (booklet) “Thinking organismal evolution” (in Japanese) from Iwanami Shoten, Tokyo in 1988. This book is now translated into English by National Institute of Genetics Professor emeritus TATENO Yoshio and University of Tokyo Faculty of Science Professor emeritus AOKI Ken-ichi and was published from Springer Evolutionary Studies Series (Series Editor: SAITOU Naruya) as “My thoughts on biological evolution”. National Institute of Genetics Professor emeritus OHTA Tomoko wrote preface of this book. Our Population Genetics Laboratory is honored on publication of this book.
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February 14 2014

Saitou N. (2013) "Introduction to Evolutionary Genomics" Springer. Go to book website


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SAITOU, Naruya
Professor, Population Genetics Laboratory, National Institute of Genetics
Professor (concurrent), Department of Genetics, School of Life Science, Graduate University for Advanced Studies
Professor (concurrent), Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo

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Postal Address: 1111 Yata, Mishima, 411-8540, Japan

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