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SAITOU Naruya, Professor of Population Genetics Laboratory, National Institute of Genetics, Retirement Commemorating Symposium
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Day 1: Saturday, March 5th, 2022

9:30-9:35 Opening Address (OOta Satoshi and Kitano Takashi)

9:35-10:25 Session 1 (chaired by Matsunami Masatoshi)
Oota Satoshi (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student; RIKEN) 10 min.
Title: Somatic mutations - Evolution within the individual (in Japanese)
Kitano Takashi (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student;  Ibaraki Univ.) 10 min.
Title: Evolution of the ABO blood group genes (in Japanese)
Kirill Kryukov (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student;  NIG) 10 min. <zoom> 
Title: Nucleotide Archival Format - using data compression for accelerating genome data analysis
Ishibashi Minaka (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student;  Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) 10 min.
Title:Final progress report in Saitou Lab
Masuyama Waka (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student;  KEGG) 10 min.
Title: Memories of unforgettable experiences (SAITOU LABORATORY, 2005-2009) (in Japanese)

10:25-10:40 Break

10:40-11:30 Session 2 (chaired by Shima Makoto)
Suzuki Rumiko (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student;  NIG) 10 min. <zoom> 
Title: The peopling of Japan traced by Helicobacter pylori (in Japanese)
Ueda (Takahashi) Mahoko (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student;  Tokyo Med. Dental. Univ.) 10 min. <zoom>
Title: Identification of novel genes regulated by innate immunity using long-read sequencing data (in Japanese)
Timothy A. Jinam (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student; NIG) 10 min. <zoom> 
Title: A small glimpse into the journey of man
Matsunami Masatoshi (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student; Univ. Ryukyu) 10 min.
Title: Population genomics of the Ryukyu islanders (in Japanese)
Kanzawa Hideaki (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student; Nat. Mus. Sci. Nat.) 10 min. <zoom>
Title: Ancient Human Genome Analysis in Yaponesia

11:30-12:10 Session 3 (chaired by Timothy A. Jinam)
Isaac Babarinde (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student; Southern Univ. Sci. Tech) 10 min. <zoom; local time 10:30-10:40>
Title: Concerved noncoding sequences: evolving puzzles
Molteza M. Saber (former Saitou Lab Univ. Tokyo Ph.D. student; Roche) 10 min. <zoom; local time 21:40-21:50>
Title: BacGWASim: a simulator for bacterial machine learning and genome-wide association studies
Shayire Shokat (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI M.S. student; SOKENDAI Ph.D. student) 10 min. <zoom>
Title: Archaeogenetical study of domestic dogs in East Asia
Kaisar Dauey (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI M.S. student; SOKENDAI Ph.D. student) 10 min. <zoom>
Title: Can we measure the intelligence of ancient people using genetics?

12:10-13:00 Lunch

13:00-13:40 Session 4 (chaired by Kirill Kryukov)
Nilmini Hettiarachichi (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student; N.Z. Univ. Aukland) 10 min. <zoom; local time 9:30-9:40>
Title: rDNA variation in human populations
Sumiyama Kenta (former Saitou Lab Postdoc & Assist. Prof.; RIKEN) 10 min. 
Title: Conserved non-coding regulatory sequences in novel trait evolution of vertebrates (in Japanese)
Shimada Makoto (former Saitou Lab Postdoc; Fujita Health Univ.) 10 min. 
Title: Maintenance and evolution of disease causing repeat sequences in human population (in Japanese)
Takahashi Aya  (former Saitou Lab Postdoc; Metronpolitan Univ. Tokyo) 10 min. 
Title: Reproductive isolation between closely related species of Drosophila (in Japanese)

13:40-14:10 Session 5 (chaired by Suzuki Rumiko)
Kato (Kaneko) Mika  (former Saitou Lab SOKENDAI Ph.D. student; Tohoku Univ.) 10 min.
Title: Development and characterization of novel cancer-specific anti-podoplanin rat monoclonal antibody, PMab-117 (in Japanese)
Kawai Yosuke  (former Saitou Lab Postdoc; Nat. Center for Global Health and Medicine) 10 min.
Title: History of Yaponesian searched through genomes of modern people (in Japanese)
Inoue Jun (former Saitou Lab Postdoc; Univ. Tokyo) 10 min. <zoom> 
Title: Genome comparisons using molecular phylogenetics (in Japanese)

14:10-14:25 Break

14:25-15:25 Session 6 (chaired by Kitano Takashi)
Takano Toshiyuki (former associate prof. of Division of Population Genetics; Kyoto Inst. Tech.) 15 min. <zoom> 
Title: Sperm-female interactions in the long journey to successful reproduction (in Japanese)
Osada Naoki (former assist. prof. of Division of Evolutionary Genetics; Hokkaido Univ.) 15 min.
Title: Yaponesia Genome Project and Prof. Saitou (in Japanese)
Nozawa Masabumi (former assist. prof. of Lab. of DNA Data Analysis; Metronpolitan Univ. Tokyo) 15 min.
Title: Dissecting sex chromosome evolution using a variety of Drosophila species (in Japanese)
Ikeo Kazuho (associate prof. of Lab. of DNA Data Analysis, NIG) 15 min. <zoom> 
Title: Study of cnidarian, they are useful material of studies (in Japanese)

15:25-16:10 Session 7 (chaired by Sumiyama Kenta)
Inoue Ituro (prof. of Human Genetics Lab., NIG) 15 min. <zoom> 
Title: Population genetics tackled by medical genomics researcher (in Japanese)
Kuraku Juyo  (prof. of Molecular Life History Lab.; NIG) 15 min. <zoom> 
Title: Touching molecular evolutionary studies developed in Mishima (in Japanese)
Imanishi Tadashi  (former assist. prof. of Lab. of DNA Data Analysis; Tokai Univ.) 15 min.
Title: Diagnosis of infectious diseases using genome information

16:10-16:25 Break

16:25-17:10 Session 8 (chaired by Oota Satoshi)
Kitano Jun (prof. of Ecological Genetics Lab.; NIG) 15 min. <zoom> 
Title: Phenotype diversification and ecogenetic speciation mechanism in sticleback (in Japanese) 
Nakamura Yasukazu (prof. of Genome Informatics Lab.; NIG) 15 min. <zoom> 
Title: DDBJ, cat genome: teachings from teachers and inherited things (in Japanese)
Akashi Hiroshi (prof. of Evolutionary Genetics Lab.; NIG) 15 min. <zoom> 
Title: Population genomics of weak evolutionary forces: Base composition evolution in Drosophila

17:10-17:40 Session 9 (chaired by Ikeo Kazuho)
Saitou Naruya Final Lecture
Title: Looking back research and teaching at NIG for 31 years (in Japanese)

18:00-20:00 Party (NIG Auditorium)

Day 2: Sunday, March 6th, 2022

10:00-10:10 Introduction of iDarwin (Saitou Naruya)

10:10-11:10 Session A(Chaired by Tamura Koichiro)
Yonezawa Takahiro(Tokyo Univ. Agriculture#)15 min.
	Title: Origin and history of Japanese native chickens
Gojobori Jun(SOKENDAI Hayama*#)15 min. <zoom>
	Title: Rare allele sharing among Yaponesian and surrounding populations
Terai Yohei(SOKENDAI Hayama*#)15 min. <zoom>
	Title: Japanese wolf genome and the origin of dogs
Iida Kaori(SOKENDAI Hayama#)15 min. <zoom>
       Title: History of the National Institute of Genetics in Japan and the Preservation Efforts of its Archives

11:10-11:25 Break

11:25-12:10 Session B(Chaired by Satta Yoko)
Kondo Rumi(Ochanomizu Univ.#)15 min.
	Title: Olfactory receptor and host specialisation in Drosophila
Hanada Kosuke(Kyushu Inst. Technol.*#)15 min.
	Title: A de novo gene originating from the mitochondria controls floral transition in Arabidopsis thaliana
Kimura Ryosuke(Univ. Ryukyu*#)15 min.
	Title: The evolution of human genetic and phenotypic variation in Asia

12:10-13:45 Lunch

13:45-14:15 Session C(Chaired by Osada Naoki)
Ota Hiroki(Univ. Tokyo*#)15 min.
	Title: The Early Days of Our Ancient DNA Analyses: Memories of works with Dr. Saitou
Kawamura Shoji(Univ. Tokyo#)15 min. <zoom>
	Title: Genetic variation of olfactory receptor multigene family in humans evaluated by targeted capture

14:15-14:30 Break

14:30-15:30 Session D(Chaired by Ota Hiroki)
Satta Yoko(SOKENDAI Hayama; iDarwin core editor)20 min.
	Title: Denisova Introgression in Asia
Tamura Koichiro(Metronpolitan Univ. Tokyo; iDarwin core editor)20 min.
	Title: Evolution of laziness: a lesson from cold adaptation
Saitou Naruya(NIG; iDarwin editor-in-chief*)20 min.
	Title: CNSs connect genotypic and phenotypic evolution?

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17:00-19:00 iDarwin two year annivarsary party

* Yaponesia Genome Project Member
# iDarwin Associate Editor