We study evolution of organisms at the genomic levels through computer analyses and wet experiments. We are particularly interested in primate and mammalian evolution toward human. Themes of our study are quite diverse as follows.

# Analysis of genome evolution: We study lineage-specific highly conserved DNAs at different levels of organism groups, such as vertebrates, mammals, primates, and plants.

# DNA analysis of human populations: We study genetic affinities of modern humans with special reference to those in Asia. We also proceed ancient DNA analysis of Jomon people.

# Development of nucleotide sequence analysis methods: We developed new system MISHIMA which can multiply align many bacrterial genome-size sequences.

# Evolution of developmental regulation (mainly conducted by Sumiyama): We study evolution of cis-elements by transgenic experiments of large scale genomic clones.

# Other themes: blood group gene evolution, duplicated gene evolution, and analysis of introgression between closely related primate species.


SAITOU, Naruya
Specially Appointed Professor, National Institute of Genetics

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