Asia Genome Tao Center (AGTC) is platform of genome-oriented databases maintained by researchers in Asia. We hope AGTC will be useful for many people.

SAITOU Naruya, Director of AGTC

GenomeSync maintained by Dr. Kirill Kryukov
dbCNSmaintained by Dr. INOUE Jun
(Paper to announce dbCNS was just published in Molecular Biology and Evolution)

History of Genome Research
Word "genome" was proposed by Hans Winkler in his book, Verbreitung und Ursache der Parthenogenesis im Pflanzen-und Tierreiche published in 1920 A.D.

History of AGTC
Inaugurated on December 1, A.S. 0020 (2020 A.D.). GenomeSync and dbCNS are added to AGTC on that day. web archive
First update on December 14, A.S. 0020 (2020 A.D.). History of Genome Research was added and logo font was changed.